What about camping...?

For those who love camping or would like to live the experience at least once in their lives, we did a little research and we present you with one of the most complete pages of information: take a look at how to choose a tent, useful tips , member ratings , the best campings in Greece … and you’ll be ready to set off!


apps for travellers

As our mobile phone has become an integral part of everyday life, we will certainly not abandon it in our travels. Especially now, that not only it can help us but also save us from difficult situations during our travels, we decided to present you with 8 free applications that can be installed on every smartphone, no matter which operating system it has (ios, windows, android). We are sure that you have already traced similar applications and/or even better. We would be glad if you could then indicate them to us through your comment.



How do we select hotels? What type of room is the most convenient for you?

As pleasant though it may be, preparing a trip is also a little stressful when it comes to booking a room in a hotel. Something which is very important for the progress and the success of the trip. What is that one should know well in order to limit the possible misunderstandings or unpleasant surprises?


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