Spa in nature!

  Pozar Baths, in the shade of Mount "Kaimaktsalan" (Boras). The ultimate destination that combines the healing qualities of the warm waters of the mountain with the physical and mental well-being that contact with nature can offer. The former tourist destination of middle-aged people, experiencing the beneficial effect of thermal waters according to the belief that 10 baths per year can shield the human body, has been a fashion for some years now! Spa fashion over the past decade has made “Pozar Baths” in Loutraki, Aridea, famous even in younger ages!

  "Pozar" means "thraka", lit charcoal. The temperature of the water is constantly at 37 ° C. It springs at an altitude of 360-400 meters along the bed of “Thermopotamos” or “Ag. Nicolaou Stream”, with a rich supply up to 650 km / h. There are two hydrotherapy facilities in the spa. The thermal water is supplied through high-flow pipelines to specially designed indoor - individual or group - swimming pools, steam baths, Jacuzzi, spa. A large, open swimming pool is ideal for winter-summer dives, while the most daring ones prefer the small waterfalls and natural screeching pools right at the bank of the river!

  You can also massage if you like! Choose according to your preferences! Coffee is also served by the river! Guests are served by numerous changing rooms, restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops with local products, etc.

  The wider area is in itself a natural attraction! The verdant environment, with the plane trees and waterfalls on the blue river, can be enjoyed by following the paved path that starts from the Baths, leading to Pozar gorge. Follow the cold river bank, explore the place, take pictures of the crystal-clear waters or sculpture-like trees, rest on the benches you will find in the openings of the paths or on the stone benches and admire the panoramic view of the gorge from the highest points of rocks. Proceed as long as you like! There is a cluster of caves at some point but it was not accessible as we were informed!

The Tavern of Boubou Enjoy your bath in the natural swimming pools, indoors or even in your hotel room (steam bath, Jacuzzi next to your bed, etc.), and when the time comes for a meal, try a 5’ drive to Orma. The "Tavern of Boubou” at the square is just what you need! We were very pleased with our choice that afternoon!

  Check out the following pages and organize your excursion according to your whishes!

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