Το pametaxidaki σε λίγες μέρες και πάλι κοντά σας με νέα ταξίδια και ανανεωμένη σελίδα.


environmental trails

1st May – a morning in a fairy forest!

   Metamorphosi (Drazilovo), Naoussa, in the heart of Vermio Mountain, was our choice for the 1st May holiday, to spend a day in nature as usual. Driving through the narrow mountain roads ... .. hoping to find the chapel of Metamorphosis, the waterfalls and the bars (natural ponds), along the flow of the nearby stream and with the rainy weather making it almost impossible for us to stay, we finally got somewhere outside the village, following the signs with some uncertainty. But the courageous win and in our case it was really rejoicing!

Spa in nature!

Pozar Baths, in the shade of Mount "Kaimaktsalan" (Boras). The ultimate destination that combines the healing qualities of the warm waters of the mountain with the physical and mental well-being that contact with nature can offer. The former tourist destination of middle-aged people, experiencing the beneficial effect of thermal waters according to the belief that 10 baths per year can shield the human body, has been a fashion for some years now! Spa fashion over the past decade has made “Pozar Baths” in Loutraki, Aridea, famous even in younger ages!